Friday, March 6, 2009

10 Percent of Americans Out of Work...Why Do Seven Million Illegal Aliens Still Have Jobs?

Just in from Washington Scandal...where is E Verify Mr. Obama...are you racist against American Workers Mr. Obama? Do your daughters, Malia and Sasha know yoou are fine with American Families STARVING in the name of Illegal Alien CRIMINALS...if they don't know now, they will eventually when they start doing internet searches...the truth will get out Mr. Obama, so WHERE IS E VERIFY, the time has come for you to PROTECT AMERICAN WORKERS AND OUR FAMILIES or be held accountable for Main Street Genocide.

As Unemployment Hit's 8.1 Percent, Over 7 Million Illegal Aliens Still Working Illegally In America

The unemployment report is out, and it is UGLY...our national Unemployment Rate is now over EIGHT PERCENT, some 4.3 Million LEGAL AMERICANS and/or Legal Immigrants have lost their jobs since the start of this Second Great Depression. So why isn't President Obama taking immediately steps to GET ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT OF THE AMERICAN WORK FORCE. Two easy steps to put Illegal Aliens out of work would be:

1. Instant enactment of E verify, and make it a mandatory participation program for all employers. Further, make it mandatory that all current and future employees be verified through E Verify.

2. Increased Work Place and Neighborhood Raids by ICE, Border Patrol, FBI, and all law enforcement agencies with the specific intent of TARGETING AND DEPORTING LARGE NUMBERS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Deportation of 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens would lower property taxes in many areas where home owners are being forced to pick up the tab to educate over 4.5 million children of illegal aliens. Deportation of America's Illegal Aliens would put upwards of SEVEN MILLION LEGAL AMERICANS BACK TO WORK.

WAKE UP MAIN is US OR THEM, and right now over seven million of them (Illegal Aliens) are working because you have been MEEK LITTLE LAMBS marching to your own slaughter. What is it going to be? Are you fine losing your home, are you fine with your children STARVING? ARE YOU FINE MOVING YOUR FAMILY INTO THE FAMILY MINI VAN? We can force Obama to take the necessary steps to DEPORT THESE VERMIN that are stealing food from the mouths of YOUR CHILDREN, but only if you become vocal, only if you let Washington DC know your RAGE.

Visit the White House web site, click on the contact button and give President Socialist Scum a piece of your mind...tell him you want Illegal Alien scum treated like the criminals that they are. Tell them you are no longer willing to tolerate government allowing illegal aliens to STEAL JOBS THAT RIGHTFULLY BELOW TO AMERICAN CITIZENS.

You are further encouraged to form Neighborhood Illegal Alien Watch Groups. The time has come to locate, identify and report ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS to the proper authorities, to demand that your local police take action. Find out where these Illegal Aliens live, work and play. Use video and digital cameras to record these findings, put your information out on the world wide web. Film your efforts to notify local police departments...if they will not take action, EMBARRASS THEM INTO TAKE ACTION...but their refusals on You Tube. Landlords renting to illegal aliens...go check the county records, get the home address of the landlord and go picket in front of his home, in front of his business. When these landlords are exposed publicly to their friends and neighbors, they often times will have a change of heart about renting to these criminals.

THEM OR US...If you are unemployed, are you willing to stand on a Bread Line so that SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS CAN WORK? If not, START TAKING ACTION NOW...Join the THEM OR US MOVEMENT.

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