Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama, Pull Your Head Out Of Your Socialist Ass, Grow Some Balls and Start Leading

Illegal Alien Scum Are Ruining America ...Try Enforcement Instead of Ass Kissing President Obama
Face it President Obama, the failing grade you have received from the Wall Street Journal (even if for the wrong reasons) is well deserved. The time has come for you to fire Timothy Geithner who is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD, pull your own head out of your Socialist Ass, stop listening to the Pro Illegal Alien Latino special interest, and start acting like a real leader, instead of a self important black man. You want to earn some respect, want to stop your rapidly slipping poll numbers, going to give you a few pieces of advice.

1. Give Senator Reid marching orders to immediately get E Verify voted on and approved. If you think you can sit on it until you and Congress can pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform, you are sadly mistaken. Even those Americans that have some sympathy for the plight of Illegal Aliens know it is unfair for 12.5 million Americans to be out of work while over seven million illegal aliens still have jobs. More importantly, no Main Street Americans are going to support 300,000 Stimulus Jobs going to Illegal Aliens.

2. We want work place enforcement, want our immigration laws as written ENFORCED. So tell Janet Napolitano to unleash the hounds. Here is a reality for are in the process of earning the ire of SEVENTY FIVE MILLION BOOMERS Mr. Obama, and I don't care how important the Latino voting block thinks they are, they are piss in the wind compared to 75 million ANGRY BOOMERS. We are going to lose another 2 million jobs before we start pulling out of this recession, so if you think we are going to tolerate your letting seven million illegal aliens keep our jobs, you are wrong...simply stated, you are cooking up a RACE WAR Mr. President, and you can blame the Latino Special Interests, as they are the ones that have tried to make this a race issue instead of a Law and Order issue, they are the ones that have tried to label us BIGOTS for wanting illegal aliens deported, have accused us of hating BROWN PEOPLE. Well you know what...if a illegal alien has stolen our jobs, if an illegal alien is keeping us from feeding our children, and if OUR GOVERNMENT will do nothing about it, we have no choice but to protect ourselves and what is ours. Maybe you best stop sucking up to the Latino voting block President OBama, and realize that seething ANGER ON MAIN STREET...that is not a threat, but an observation from someone that lives on Main Street, has beers with those people you INSULT when you say Illegal Aliens are taking jobs we will not do...SCREW YOU! You pretend you understand...YOU DO NOT!

3. Stop your racist Affirmative Action, Reparations Agenda...that is right, I said it. You march out yesterday and announce the White House Counsel on Women's Issues...curious there Mr. Obama, where is the White House Counsel on Men's Issues? After all, if you even bother reading the news you would know that men are taking the BRUNT of the pain and layoffs in this recent down turn in the economy. Here is another CLUE...SCREW A WORLD ECONOMY! Most Americans could give a rats arse if other nations HAVE OUR STANDARD OF LIVING...especially when seeing that happen means us LOWERING OUR standard of living. Screw China, screw fair trade, screw your belief that Buy American Protectionist actions are not what we want. You may not want that, but you are supposed to TAKE CARE OF US, as in Main Street Americans.

4. Your Socialist Health Care Reform plan...forget about it. Here is a CLUE. Your plan amounts to STEALING HEALTH BENEFITS to Boomers to give to the young adults of this country, to the minorities of this country, and to Illegal Aliens. You want a piece of reality...I, and many of us Boomers did not have health insurance when we were younger either. Speaking for myself, I did not have health coverage until my mid forties. Now that I finally have it you want to take it away, ration what I get? My wife has worked for almost 30 years at the same place, in two years secures Health Insurance for the rest of her/our life, and now you want to take that benefit she worked over 30 years for away? Want to ration the coverage we get, expect us to go stand on CUE to say get a Hip Replacement? I got a better idea...deport the illegal aliens, and tell the young people their turn will come, just like OURS DID.

I've got some more suggestions, but already know you are not listening. First, I am not rich, second I am not black, thirdly I am not a woman, and lastly I am not a Latino or Illegal Alien.

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