Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stopping the Terrorist Illegal Alien Insurgency

Dealing With The Illegal Alien Latino/Mexican Insurgency

Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton Watching THEIR INSURGENCY
Time to put aside the Politically Correct, lets be nice to the poor undocumented workers just trying to earn a living stupidity of the UBER Liberal lets grant them Amnesty crowd, and have some straight talk about the Latino/Mexican Illegal Alien Insurgency that is destroying the very fabric of our American Society. Yes, I just called what is going on an insurgency, and what we need is not Comprehensive Immigration Reform, but a serious Counter Insurgency Effort on the part of the United States government bringing all our forces to bear on the problem, including full deployment of our Military Troops on our Southern Border with Mexico.
What is an insurgency?

Insurgency, at least for the sake of this argument is an organized use of subversion with or without use or threat of violence to challenge political control of an area to create space and a platform for the insurgent group's political and economic influence and well being to grow and prosper at the expense of another. (Think of it as large scale Anarchy.) To be successful, these insurgencies require Charismatic Support (Congressman Luis Guirettez, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Reid, as well as the entire Hispanic Congressional Caucus), supporters (Catholic Church and Charities, National Chamber of Commerce, La Raza, MALDEF, ACLU), recruits (12-25 Million Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 million Anchor Babies), the passive acquiescence of a large proportion of the population of a contested area, and safe havens (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, New York) to operate out of, and funding (Faith Based Charities and 300,000 jobs from the Stimulus Bill are a good start).

Insurgents seek to effect political change through religious manipulation, piggy backing on a political movement with strong public support and sentiment (Civil Rights), exploiting that cause by claiming similar societal grievances and needs, using persuasion, subversion and coercion to sell their cause. Their goal is to wear out their opponents, exhaust government assets and resolve, while winning just enough public support to force capitulation or political accommodation (AMNESTY).

Leave no doubt, the Illegal Alien Wave sweeping across our nation, stealing away our neighborhoods is an insurgency, and right now THEY ARE WINNING. Congress is thinking about granting them Amnesty disguised as Earned Citizenship under the name of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Our own President (Obama) publicly stated that E Verify should be left out of the Stimulus Bill as too many Illegal Aliens would lose their about capitulation and political accommodation! Perhaps our Congress, our President need to review their history, need to look back to the capitulation and accommodation given to Illegal Aliens in 1986 when then President Reagan granted some six million illegal aliens Amnesty. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

The time has come to draw the line in the sand, time for America to take a stand for our own Sovereignty. We should not accommodate Illegal Aliens, we should not capitulate to their political agenda, but instead should mount a counter insurgency, should take back WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS.

What is a Counterinsurgency (COIN)?

Counterinsurgency as used here is a combined effort using military (on our border), law enforcement (Border Patrol, ICE, DHS, law enforcement and judicial assets at all levels of government) too CONTAIN the insurgency (stop the illegal immigration, and deport ALL THOSE HERE ILLEGALLY) and address its root cause (implement E Verify and prosecute those who hire illegal aliens to shut off the jobs magnet). Coin approaches must be agile, swift and decisive. Work place enforcement raids that make immediate arrests of both Illegal Aliens, and COMPANY MANAGEMENT so that a clear signal is being sent that all efforts and resources are going to be used in countering the insurgency, in taking back what has been lost. This counterinsurgency would work better with the support of Mexico, but that is not necessary. Once Corporate America, Mexico and the Illegal Alien population realize that OUR GOVERNMENT (on all levels) is willing to undertake all necessary steps, including political ones to end the insurgency, the insurgents (Illegal Aliens) will self deport, effectively surrendering, admitting that they have been defeated.

This insurgency has seven million illegal aliens working in our Job Market while over 12 million Legal American Citizens are out of work, cannot feed their families...there is no clearer example that the Terrorist Illegal Alien Insurgency is winning this war. The time has come to LIVE FREE OR DIE...what is it going to be America?

Definition of SAFE HAVEN from a DOD web site document:

Safe Havens - Space that provide a secure base for extremist action, including:

Physical space - failed/failing states, under-governed areas and sponsors who provide safe areas where terrorists train and organize. Many safe havens sit astride international borders, demanding a regional, rather than solely national response.

Cyber space- electro-magnetic and internet-based means for communication, planning, resource transfer and intelligence collection. These means allow terrorists to organize, communicate, spread propaganda and transfer money.

Ideological space - belief systems, ideas and cultural norms that enhance the enemy's freedom of action. These include ethnic identities, religious attitudes and political cultures.

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