Friday, February 20, 2009

Beware The Devil...NDN Pushing Amnesty Agenda Wants Illegal Aliens to KEEP YOUR JOBS

La Raza, MALDEF, National Chamber of Commerce and Association of General Contractors have a friend in Washington, DC to help them PUSH THE ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY AGENDA IN CONGRESS with the hopes of RAMMING IT DOWN THE THROATS OF MAIN STREET AMERICANS IN is time for us to get on our toes, time for us to send checks of support to groups like ALIPAC, as this is the year where Illegal Aliens win Amnesty, or find themselves deported back to their home country. Look around you have a family member, or a neighbor that is OUT OF WORK while and Illegal Alien has a job...DEPORTATION MUST BE THE ONLY CHOICE OPEN TO ILLEGAL ALIENS, as a pathway to citizenship is Amnesty. Get informed, and begin tracking NDN who just held a AMNESTY THIS YEAR ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION!

NDN, America's Voice, NCLR Team Up to Reiterate the Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform This Year

Yesterday at NDN we heard from several experts, advocates, and strategists on the issue of immigration reform. (Immigration Reform is CODE for Illegal Alien AMNESTY) NDN President Simon Rosenberg was joined on a panel by Rick Johnson of Lake Research (Pro AMNESTY Poll Creator?), Pete Brodnitz of Benenson Strategy Group, Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), and Frank Sharry of America's Voice. Andres Ramirez, Vice President, NDN Hispanic Services, moderated the discussion.

Building on the great work by these organizations over the last few years,and the creation of the Immigration08campaign, the meeting consisted of a vibrant - and very timely - discussion during which the panelists reiterated the reasons why our economy and American values require passage of comprehensive legislation to fix the broken immigration system this year.

NDN would like to thank America's Voice, NCLR, Lake Research Partners, and Benenson Strategy Group for their hard work and partnership on this issue.

Video of the event will be posted next week. For additional information, please refer to the final slide in this presentation, which will take you important work completed by each of the participating organizations.

As NDN mentioned during the event, we are making the speakers' presentations
available below. Presentations in order of appearance:

Simon Rosenberg, NDN

Rick Johnson, Lake Research Partners

Pete Brodnitz, Benenson Strategy Group

NDN's Dirty Little Agenda right from their own Web Site:

NDN's Hispanic Strategy Center has been established to ensure that all Hispanics living in the United States are given a chance to realize the American Dream (Even if they are HERE AS ILLEGAL ALIENS...these folks need out of work Americans protesting on the street in front of their offices on a DAILY BASIS). The HSC conducts its own research, advocacy and programmatic activities, and works with other progressive movement leaders and institutions to develop their own efforts to reach and involve the fast-growing Hispanic population. It also sponsors a variety of media campaigns through NDN’s affiliate, the NDN Political Fund. The Strategy Center’s effort build on the work of the New Democrat Network’s Hispanic Project, which pioneered a modern way of speaking to Hispanics from 2002-2004.

I would encourage all Anti Illegal Activist to begin tagging with American Voice, NDN, La Raza and other Pro Amnesty buss words to drive the Anti Illegal Alien messages and sites ahead of these organizations in the search engines...simply stated, the GAME IS ON, and Main Street America's legal citizens jobs and dreams are on the is time to deport all illegal aliens, and imprison those who hire them.

Senator Reid's SICK TWISTED Pro Illegal Alien 2009 AMNESTY AGENDA:

On yesterday's Meet the Press, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid discusses hopeful prospects for immigration reform in 2009:

MR. GREGORY: Let me ask you about politics. This is what you told Roll Call two days after the election of Barack Obama.... "‘I think the country has moved to the center,'... ‘I think people want us to get things done.'" Let me test that proposition. On immigration, do you have a deal between the president-elect and Senator McCain for immigration reform?...

...SEN. REID: "We need comprehensive immigration reform." Americans, in this our time of need when five million Americans have lost their jobs with more lay offs in the works, Reid wants to grant Illegal Aliens AMNESTY...did you know that there are over SEVEN MILLION SCAB LABORER ILLEGAL ALIENS IN OUR WORK FORCE RIGHT NOW while you or some of your family or friends ARE OUT OF WORK? That was a conversation I had with John McCain. Yes, we need comprehensive immigration reform. And what does that mean? It means we have to make sure our borders are protected, our northern and southern borders. We have to do something about the millions of people here who are undocumented. HEy about DEPORTING...they did it in the early 50's and we can do it today...CAN WE SAY E Verify Mr. Reid? We have to put them on, on a pathway to legalization. No, we need to slap them on the ass as they board a plane back to their home countries...AMNESTY WILL LEAD TO CIVIL WAR Mr. Reid. Does that mean that they get to the head of the line? Of course not. They'd have penalties and fines and learn English and stay out of trouble. We have to also do something on a guest worker program It is estimated that (in real numbers) over 11 Million LEGAL AMERICANS are out of work and you sir, Mr. SCUMBAG TRAITOR TO THE AMERICAN WORKING FAMILY want to say we need a guest worker program? and we have to do something about the employer sanctions that works(Prison for upper management of companies hiring scab labor Illegal Aliens would work). John McCain believes that should happen. I believe that should happen. That's...

MR. GREGORY: And he's discussed it with the president-elect?...

MR. GREGORY: McCain has?

SEN. REID: I don't know, but he's discussed it with me.

MR. GREGORY: Mm-hmm. You think you've got a deal, a prospect of a deal.

SEN. REID: I have, I have John McCain's word that he's going to work real, real hard on immigration reform....

...SEN. REID: And I'll, and I'll work with him.

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