Sunday, February 22, 2009

President Obama Suffering From ButtMunchers Syndrome

As the first 100 days of the the Obama Presidency unfold, it is becoming clearer every day that Obama suffers from a bad case of ButtMunchers Syndrome. We were promised CHANGE, but instead of change, we are getting the same disgusting TAINT from our President that we got during eight years of the failed Bush Administration. Where is the change when President Obama embraces George Bush's lost email position, he backs down on bringing our troops homoe from Iraq, and decides to carry on George Bush's policy on Afghanistan prisoners...torture optional?

Then we had the whole tongue up the arse of Caterpillar situation that contributed greatly to the Buy American language in the Stimulus Bill being watered down, followed closely by Obama's MALDEF MOMENT that E Verify was all but shelved...curious there Mr. Obama, how do you justify telling the American Citizens "E Verify should not be in the stimulus bill, as it would see to many Illegal Aliens losing their jobs before Congress and I can enact Immigration Reform (AMNESTY)"? Don't act surprised Mr. Obama, did you really think we would let you fool us into believing your plan was NOT AMNESTY because you dropped off the word COMPREHENSIVE? Get a clue, it is us (legal citizens) verse them (illegal aliens) and we want THEM GONE, even if you and the Democrats want them as a future voting block.

Let's not forget Hillary's ASIA Marching Orders...Oh GREAT CHINA MASTERS, your civil rights violations must not get in the way of Economic Issues, so go ahead of trample on the rights of ALL TIBETANS, enslave and imprison your dissidents citizens, and we will LOOK THE OTHER WAY as long as you continue buying our government bonds! Tell us Mr. Obama, does China Butt taste any different than Caterpillar Ass? Ms. Clinton must have choked on her Mentos when you gave her the policy parameters for this overseas trip.

Many Main Street Americans are still coughing up Pabst (sorry, boycotting Budweiser until the McCain's go bankrupt) after your Canadian Bombshell...for right now, NAFTA can wait...just who's Economy are you trying to stimulate there Mr. Obama, or have you been convinced by the National Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Organization that a North American Union with the Amero as its currency is a GOOD THING? Is the Red, White and Blue about to become the Red, White and Green with a Maple Leaf on it?

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