Thursday, February 19, 2009

Official Launch...Americans For Americans

Obama, you represent Americans and our INTERESTS, not the interests of Illegal Aliens, not the interests of China or even Canada

Watching Obama once again turning his back on American workers and our families, have come to the decision that enough is enough, that it is up to us on Main Street to save our nation, to once again make America number one by making Americans number one. Yes, I am talking about Americans taking care of Americans by watching out for each other.

1. Buy bet your ass it is, and who cares. Do you want to give people in China, India or Taiwan a job, or keep those jobs here at home in the United States of America? If you say America, then STOP BUYING ANYTHING (whenever possible) from a foreign country, but specifically avoid the purchase of ALL PRODUCT from China...the time has come to BOYCOTT THIS COMMUNIST NATION, take away their Most Favored Nation status with our pocketbooks since our government will not do it. This one singular action will force companies to begin the process of rebuilding America's own manufacturing infrastructure. If it is NOT MADE IN AMERICA, we do not need, must learn to live without it.

2. Demand enforcement of our Immigration Laws as they is time to being the deportations, time to imprison any American Company hiring illegal aliens within the borders f the United States of America. If we have to organize massive protests, if we have to march on work sites, organize Congressional Office sit ins, then let us do it. The time when an Illegal Alien can TAKE OUR JOB, STEAL FOOD FROM OUR CHILDREN, and depress our wages while our government looks the other way ENDS NOW. There are over seven million illegal aliens working in our economy while FIVE MILLION AMERICANS ARE OUT OF WORK...again, LET THE DEPORTATIONS BEGIN.

3. Form neighborhood watch groups to locate, and identify to law enforcement all illegal aliens, and those that hire or aid them. This includes ALL CATHOLIC AID GROUPS. Where and when possible, get home addresses of suspected illegal aliens, take notes of locations where they shop, and where they eat when dining out. If possible, use a digital camera to create visual proof...consider loading this videos and digital photos to a Watch Group Blog. BOYCOTT all businesses (and churches) that provide ANY SERVICES to Illegal Aliens...History shows us that SHUNNING WORKS.

As you consider taking action, some facts:

1. In excess of $150 Billion dollars a year is being ROBBED from our American Economy through remittances being sent to foreign lands. In fact, remittances are one of the top three cash creators for the nation of Mexico, the other two being oil and DRUGS SHIPPED INTO AMERICA. We shut down Illegal Alien access to jobs and to services through boycotts of all business locations that cater to them, and we shut off their ability to send American Dollars out of America.

2. Illegal Aliens in our work force on a yearly basis depress the wages of American Workers in the lower and middle class by over $230 BILLION DOLLARS. The time has come to end CHEAP WAGES by creating a environment FAVORABLE TO EMPLOYEES, rather than FAVORABLE to employers looking to keep wages and benefits DOWN. This can be easily accomplished by shutting down the National Chamber of Commerce's PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN, CHEAP WAGES, GUEST WORKER, AMNESTY AGENDA...we do this by making sure illegal aliens are FORCED OUT OF OUR JOBS AND DEPORTED. The time has come to DROP A DIME ON THEM...Illegal Aliens, and those that HIRE THEM. Get rid of America's 12-25 MILLION Illegal Aliens, force the 7 million illegal aliens currently in the work force out, and we have laid the foundation stones for a LIVING WAGE FOR ALL LEGAL AMERICANS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

3. Illegal Aliens and their 4.4 MILLION Anchor Babies are a drain on our Social Services at a time when LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS need them...why should the families of Illegal Aliens get FOOD STAMPS? Why should ILLEGAL ALIENS and their families get access to medical care at our expense...Obama made that a reality for over four million children of illegal aliens with the stroke of a pen. In these harsh economic times, we need to demand our government CEASE granting any access to any services (including education) to those here in American Illegally.

4. Making E Verify mandatory for every business/company in America for all their employees, current and future would in a period of 90 days have the ability to force almost 4 million Illegal Aliens OUT OF THEIR JOBS in our Economy, thus creating the ability to put FOUR MILLION AMERICANS BACK TO WORK.

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