Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama SCREWS AMERICAN WORKERS, Tells Canada That NAFTA Changes Can Wait

Here is a CLUE President Obama...American tax payers are NOT GOING TO TOLERATE our tax dollars being used to STIMULATE the World Economy, or for that matter Canada's Economy. Further, you cannot stop us here on Main Street in bringing forth our own PROTECTIONIST ACTIONS by leaving NON AMERICAN products and goods on STORE SHELVES across America. Fact...if we do not buy it, if we DEMAND AMERICAN GOODS, retailers will have NO CHOICE but to abide by our demands as expressed with our wallets and pocketbooks, will have no choice but to stock Made In America goods and products.

To every American...the time has come to STOP BUYING ALL NON AMERICAN PRODUCED GOODS. We want our MANUFACTURING BASE BACK. That will not happen as long as we continue to buy GOODS AND SERVICES at Walmart that are made in China, are always looking for the CHEAPEST PRICE, rather than paying a bit extra to KEEP OUR OWN AMERICANS EMPLOYED. (Illegal Aliens ARE NOT Americans)

This blog is encouraging all Americans to BOYCOTT ALL NON AMERICAN PRODUCTS, and TO BOYCOTT ALL COMPANIES THAT HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS. It is time to TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS, and that means drawing the line in the sand. WE DO NOT WANT NAFTA, CAFTA or the North American Union. We do not want the Amero as our currency and we will NOT take orders from the WTO. Our debt to will be paid off when we make the necessary changes to return to America what never should have left...our wealth, and our jobs in the manufacturing sector. The truth...we can rebuild our manufacturing infrastructure, take back what is rightfully ours, or we can slide into being a third world nation. Screw China...if we stop buying from them, it will be THEM OWING US, it will be their economy that shrivels up and dies instead of ours. It will be them looking for a handout.

WAKE UP AMERICA...our future is in our hands, in the buying decisions we make from today forward, in our ability if necessary to take to the streets to force Washington to END the free ride for Illegal Aliens, in forcing Congress to declare a moratorium ON ALL IMMIGRATION. You want a job, then stop BUYING SHIT MADE IN OTHER is THAT SIMPLE, and the WTO, CHINA and yes, NAFTA know this...they need us spending our dollars on their products...TOO BAD, it is America's turn to take care of AMERICANS.

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