Thursday, February 19, 2009

Immigration Enforcement Question

It is the belief of this blog that Illegal Aliens are stealing jobs from hard working Americans, are depressing our wages...that is not absolving those who hire illegal aliens of their own crimes. Both Illegal Aliens and those that hire them should be criminally prosecuted. That said, looking for an answer to a specific question. If there are any legal minds out there that can lend some help, it would be appreciated.

Many American Citizens know where Illegal Aliens Live, Work and Shop. This information has been shared with authorities who DO NOTHING. This information is shared with ICE, and they claim they are too busy to get around to dealing with the information you are giving to them. Since citizens know where these illegal aliens are, have identified them for what they are (criminals) can we legally make a citizen's arrest, take the necessary steps to detain said illegal alien(s) until the authorities show up, and if we can exercise our right to make a citizen arrest of an illegal alien, how much force can we legally use in detaining them until the authorities arrive?

Lastly...if a community or neighborhood chooses to do so, can they/we deputize average citizens so that they can legally arrest illegal aliens, as well as those that hire them? Thinking there is some advantage in creating a citizens Job Site Enforcement Patrol Officer in areas where we know employers are hiring illegal aliens. This could even become a part of the Stimulus Plan to create jobs...these jobs may not be shovel ready, but citizens could start patrolling job sites immediately, issue citations, and in doing so FREE UP SHOVEL READY JOBS for our LEGAL CITIZENS.

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