Friday, February 20, 2009

Use The Pro Illegal Alien Tools and Game Plan TO BEAT THEM...Send Illegal Aliens Packing

Black Democratic President, a Democratic House and Senate...The Pro Illegal Alien Forces have decided 2009 is the year to force AMNESTY down the throats of OUT OF WORK Lower and Middle Class Americans...our job is to stop them, and that is going to be hard because the Democratic President, his Congress are in the pocket of the National Chamber of Commerce, embrace there evil intentioned CHEAP LABOR plan for Amnesty and a Guest Worker Program, both intended to keep LEGAL AMERICANS AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS OUT OF WORK AND UNEMPLOYED. To beat your enemy know your enemy...and avail yourselves of their tools and their game plan...THEIR PLAN AND TOOLS:

Eight Tools Critical to Making the
Progressive Message Heard in 2008

We are in the midst of an explosion of new technologies and new media, which are in various stages of development and exploitation. In 2006, the New Politics Institute launched a campaign to encourage progressives across the country to immediately adopt four key new tools that are particularly important and ready for political prime time right now.

With the success of our first tools campaign, NPI is ready to launch the second part of our campaign unveiling four new tools. They can make a difference in ensuring that our voice is heard loudly and clearly at a time when decisions critical to the future of our nation are being made

Go Mobile

By 2008 nine in 10 mobile phones will be Internet enabled allowing candidates to send rich data directly to cell phone users. More importanly, 30% of users will only have a cell phone making traditional telemarketing techniques increasingly obsolete.

Reimagine Video

One innocent YouTube video single handidly sunk the political campaign of George Allen--and it wasn't even created by an opposition campaign. With the proliferation and decentralization of influential video, the 30 second ads need to be reimagined.

Target Your Marketing

The Republican political machine rose to power by identifying and targetting segments of an audience. In order to compete, Democrats also need to better understand potential voting niches and target them directly.

Leverage Social Networks

Independent of the Obama campaign, a FaceBook user created a a group that attracted 250,000 users in less than a month. This new type of online political self-organization can be harnessed to great effect--as long as politicos find a way to leverage social networks without damaging their autonomy.

Advertise Online

As much money was spent on Google search ads last year as was spent on ads on any television network, magazine publisher, or newspaper chain. Search is an effective new form of advertising that allows your message to get in front of people who are actively looking for it. And, search only charges fees when people actually click on your ad.

Buy Cable

Since 2001 more people watch cable television than broadcast during primetime. Advertising on cable offers more eyeballs and more precise demographic and geographic targeting at a lower price. Republicans began to take advantage of cable in 2004 and by shifting significant advertising to cable in 2006, progressives can beat them at their own game.

Engage the Blogs

The Blogosphere and Netroots are a powerful asset for progressives. Dedicate someone in your organization to blog or consistently get your message out to the blogs, which act as conduits to many active constituencies, including the huge generation of young people.

Speak in Spanish

Spanish is the preferred language for nearly half of all Hispanic voters. Learning how to bring progressive values and ideas to this fast-growing group—using Spanish—is essential to reach an audience open to hearing from us.

Get the Message Out

At a time when Americans are looking for a new direction, it is essential to use all of the modern tools at our disposal to bring our vision and agenda to those who want to hear it. Moreover, in the fast-changing media environment of the 21st century, we have the opportunity to change the way we communicate and get the progressive message out more effectively than we have in a generation.

FDR did it with radio, JFK did it with broadcast television and now 21st century progressives can master the new tools at our disposal to help ensure that we are heard by, and engaged with, 21st century America.

Join us as we help our progressive friends across the country use the most powerful and proven tools at our disposal to bring the progressive message to the 21st century. Challenge progressive institutions and leaders—including ones you support, work for, or volunteer for—to adopt these new tools.

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